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Black cat crossed my path on my way to work
I think it’s a sign
There’s a rip in my trousers and a stain on my shirt
I think it’s a sign
You always ask me if I think we’re gonna last
If I can see any signal that the romance has passed
Well, I woke up today next to a pain in the ass
I think it’s a sign
The new Tori Amos record is totally lame
I think it’s a sign
My favorite show got pre-empted by a Bobcats game
I think it’s a sign
Well when we first got together you were earthy and free
Spontaneous and funny and you satisfied me
But now your favorite position is “While watching TV”
And I think that’s a sign
Nothing lasts forever, you should know that better than anyone else
And if we stay together, I think I’ll probably kill myself
Do you think that’s a sign?
Your cat coughed up a hairball on my favorite shoes
I think it’s a sign
I came home last night smelling like hookers and booze
I think it’s a sign
And if none of what I’m telling you is getting through
There’s another reason God don’t want me to be with you
Cause when you pee on the stick, and then the stick turns blue…
Yeah, in my book, that’s a sign


from Here's What I Really Think of You, released October 17, 2009
Recorded and mixed by Scott Slagle at Asylum Digital Recording, Charlotte NC.





David Golden

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