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There's nothing really notable about this track, except that I wrote it while I had spinal meningitis and it's totally my favorite slow burn song ever. Slow slow SLOW burn.


Many years ago, on a day like today
My brother and I would go out back to play
I’d be Dale Murphy, he’d be Bob Horner
I’d sock a few dingers, he’d man the hot corner
And we’d come inside sweaty but ready for more
We’d turn on the TV, and Skip would tell us the score
And it really doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for
As long as you love
The crack of the bat
The flight of the ball
The tip of a cap
The umpire’s call
The dog days of summer
The thrill of the fall
Goddamn, I love baseball!
When we got older, Dad would take us to games
You could pick your own seat because nobody came
But that didn’t matter, we were close enough to touch
Which was fine as long as Daddy wasn’t drinking too much
But if the home team was losing, and they usually were
He’d pepper the umps with curse words and racial slurs
Then he’d point out a fat chick and say, “Dave, how about her?”
That’s why I love
A sweet diving catch
A slide in the dirt
My father’s hand
Under a large woman’s skirt
Too drunk to know better
But too married to flirt
Goddamn I love baseball!
Put me in coach I am ready to play, ready to play, ready to
Put me in coach hey now what do you say? What do you say? What do you
Say you had a roster spot reserved for codependent, scoliotic introverts
Whose alcoholic fathers forced them to play
Would you bench me anyway?
I’m an adult now and my son’s at the age
Where he can take in nine innings on the world’s greatest stage
I’ll buy him a hot dog, and I’ll buy me a beer
I’ll kick up my feet and call Lo Duca a queer
I’ll hiss and I’ll whistle, I’ll curse and I’ll shout
He’ll have no idea what Daddy’s rambling about
It’s not a true day at the ballpark till you’re escorted out
And that’s why I love
Swinging a bat
Snatching a purse
Scoring some ecstasy
And stealing a hearse
Picking up a tranny whore
Dressed like a nurse
Goddamn, I love baseball!


from Here's What I Really Think of You, released October 17, 2009
Recorded and mixed by Scott Slagle at Asylum Digital Recording, Charlotte NC





David Golden

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